We Can B.E. Bully Free Concert

This is an annual local summer fundraising concert​, and a Back-To- School Event.  Performing artists, dancers, and vendors participate in this grand event to prepare for the beginning of the school year. We remind everyone to be kind and to keep the attitudes ‘Bully Free!’ Free school supplies until gone, so come early! Food & Drink available.

 The 2023 concert is scheduled for July in Jacksonville, Florida


We Can B.E. - Bully Free Tour Campaign

At a time when schools are experiencing budget cuts and staff layoffs, our program is needed more than ever. We go to any regional school when invited - including inner city schools that usually are first to undergo budget cuts and program cuts. Your donation/sponsorship allows W.C.B.E. to present this highly effective program, 'We Can B.E. - Bully Free Tour' at NO CHARGE to schools. Your tax-deductible donation allows W.C.B.E to cover costs associated with the program (travel, supplies, etc.). 
A typical assembly in the metro Atlanta, GA, or metro Jacksonville, Florida area may enable us to reach 1,000 + students at ONE school event! Please have your school email us:  contact@wecanbe.org   or contact us on the CONTACT page 

We Can B.E., Inc., for a small fee, will schedule at Community Centers in YOUR community. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO.


 We Can B.E. - Bully Free Tour
(Please call or email for sponsor agreements)