We Can B.E. - Bully Free Tour

'Anti Bullying-Teen Violence' Campaign

​At a time when schools are experiencing budget cuts and staff layoffs, our program is needed more than ever. We go to ALL schools who call us - including inner city schools that usually are first to undergo budget cuts and program cuts. Your donation/sponsorship allows W.C.B.E. to present this highly effective program, 'We Can B.E. - Bully Free Tour' (We Can B. Encouraged, Educated, & Empowered' - 'Anti Bullying and Teen Violence' Campaign) at NO CHARGE to schools, and community youth groups. Your tax deductible donation allows W.C.B.E to cover costs associated with the program (travel, supplies, etc.). 
A typical assembly in the metro Atlanta, GA, or metro Jacksonville, Florida area may enable us to reach 1,000 + students at ONE school event! Please have your school call or email us: (980)99WECAN or contact@wecanbe.org


 We Can B.E. - Bully Free Tour
(Please call or email for sponsor agreements)