We Can B.E. - Bully Free Tour Campaign

​At a time when schools are experiencing budget cuts and staff layoffs, our program is needed more than ever. We go to any regional school when invited - including inner city schools that usually are first to undergo budget cuts and program cuts. Your donation/sponsorship allows W.C.B.E. to present this highly effective program, 'We Can B.E. - Bully Free Tour' at NO CHARGE to schools. Your tax-deductible donation allows W.C.B.E to cover costs associated with the program (travel, supplies, etc.). 
A typical assembly in the metro Atlanta, GA, or metro Jacksonville, Florida area may enable us to reach 1,000 + students at ONE school event! Please have your school email us:  contact@wecanbe.org  
 or contact us on the CONTACT page 

We Can B.E., Inc., for a small fee, will schedule at Community Centers in YOUR community. CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO.

 We Can B.E. - Bully Free Tour
(Please call or email for sponsor agreements)